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National Research Council

Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems


CNR-IRET on phytotechnologies

The activities of CNR-IRET on phytotechnologies are based on over 20 years of basic research on plant physiology, on plant biological functions taking place within the leave and within the roots, and mainly on photosynthesis processes. The development of these research lines led to a strong understanding of the active role of plants against the environment and, therefore, their potential in the stabilization or uptake of heavy metals, the stimulation of microorganism activity in the rhizosphere and the absorption of micro-pollutants on the leaves.

The Institute produced over 50 publications on international journals about these topics, highlighting the high quality of the research team. In addition to the long research on phytoremediation, IBAF also works for disseminating the knowledge gained (the first conference on phytoremediation in Italy has been organized by IRET at Sorrento in 2000), supporting university education (coordinating PhD theses and joint researches) and encouraging technology transfer (development of a spin-off, PhytoTech srl, which is currently under final approval).

Available resources

Database on phytotechnologies

Search for plant species….and discover its applications
Select a pollutant as target….and discover the useful plant species



Database on phytotechnologies

Search for plant species... and discover its applications
Select a pollutant as target... and discover the useful plant species