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National Research Council

Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems

CNR-IBAF involved in raising awareness about water related problems in INDIA

acque sacre 2 Teco Project is supporting an exciting journey along Ganga river in India, from the mouth to the source, aiming at investigate the nexus between water sacredness and pollution, with final scope of raising awareness in the local population about the issues related to water pollution in India. The Indian adventure will be performed by Giancarlo Cammerini, an Italian photoreporter and filmmaker, and will be shared on Twitter and Instagram.

TECO, Technological ECO-innovations for the quality control and the decontamination of polluted waters and soils, is a project co-funded by the European Union (2014-2018) and it is coordinated by CNR (National Research Council, Italy) with the partnership of NEERI (CSIR, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India). The Project is dedicated to the implementation of exchange of experts and innovators, from Europe to India, in the field of technological eco-innovations applied to the pollution of soils and waters and to the improvement of their quality.

Among the activities supported by CNR-IBAF (Institute of Agro-environmental and Forest Biology) through TECO, most of them are dedicated to research and technological innovations, but a special attention has been dedicated also to communication.

acque sacre 1In this frame, Giancarlo Cammerini, an Italian photo reporter and filmmaker, thanks to TECO and CNR, will drive us in an exciting journey along Ganga (Ganges) river investigating the nexus between water sacredness and pollution. Ganga river in India is considered by Hindus as a goddess, a river that is pure. Purifying is central to the existence of half of the Indian population but, ironically, the Ganga stands as one of the most polluted rivers on earth. The water that is so sacred to the spiritual lives is fairly dangerous for physical health. A court in Northern India has given the Ganga river the status of “living human entity” and the Indian Government, with National Ganga Council, strongly supports the National Mission for Clean Ganga. Giancarlo Cammerini will document and spread the activities and the protagonists of the challenge that the Indian Government has proposed to clean up the Ganga, investigating the waters of Ganga river through the research projects and activities linked to the rejuvenation of ecosystems, connecting with Indian social and religious habits. The story will be told also through the voice of scientists, politicians and activists like Rajendra Singh, Vandana Shiva and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Indian partner of this initiative is CSIR-NEERI, in person of Dr. Pawan Labhasetwar, that already realised an environmental survey along the entire course of Ganga river.

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Giancarlo Cammerini will share with us this adventure, from the mouth to the source of Ganga, through a diary that anyone can follow on Twitter (@GCCammerini) and Instagram (giancarlo.cammerini).

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